Parking at the Lions Gate is free for autos & there are a few parking lots around the main hotel building and the rooms.  RV Parking will ONLY be allowed in the Employee parking lot and it is by


Tag along vehicles may only be parked in separate parking areas close to the RV spaces or around the hotel. No blocking of either other people’s RV spaces OR lanes of travel.


There will be no ‘honey wagon’ availability.  This is DRY camping. However I have made arrangements with KOA in West Sacramento for use of their dumpsite and water tank refill for a $10.00 fee each coach. KOA is about 12 miles from the hotel by freeway.

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All about RV Parking

1– Overnight Reserved RV Parking will be available from 6:00 P.M. Sunday, Oct. 6th until Saturday Oct. 12th, 2010 @ 9:00 P.M.  ALL PARKING IS ASSIGNED!  IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY, DO NOT SET UP UNTIL YOU’RE SHOWN TO YOUR ASSIGNED PARKING LOCATION! Assigned Parking map will be available @ the Welcome table.  Any questions call Vikki @ (510) 506-4337.  Arrival Parking assistance will be available after 6:00 PM on Oct. 6th.. Do not set up until you are shown to your assigned parking spot.    All vehicles must leave the grounds by 9:00 PM. on Saturday, October 12th. If you need longer we will have to make special arrangements with the hotel.

2– Reserved parking is $30.00 per night, there are NO HOOKUPS OR WATER, NO discharge of grey  Water or waste water anywhere on the grounds.  NO UNRESERVED RV PARKING IS

AVAILABLE.  Contact Vikki for alternate RV parking campgrounds within 12 miles.


4- Tagalong vehicles will not be charged a fee and WILL be parked in a separate location within the parking lot from your RV. Do not park tag along vehicles blocking any of the RV parking spaces.

5– ALL PARKING is at your own risk, show giving club and Lions Gate Hotel assumes no responsibility or liability for damages to any vehicles, contents or dogs.  Fire lanes must be kept open at all times. Vehicles subject to towing at owners expense with no prior notification.

6– All RV parking is within a fairly short 1/2 block to the hotel main or rear entrance, show and rings.

7– No generators or barking dogs between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM.


8– Grounds and your parking space MUST be left clean and free of debris and garbage.

9– All RV parking will be assigned along within the hotel’s Employee parking lot, and a diagram of your parking space location will be available at the Welcome Table in the main hotel.

10– All reservations must be in by September 15th, mailing instructions are on the form below. No refunds after that date. No postdated checks.

11– ALL vehicles must be TOTALLY self contained and have a working fire extinguisher.

12– Trailer and Tow vehicle is to be considered One Vehicle, but separately parked if unhitched.


Folks, this is a hotel parking lot, so please be courteous and practice cleanliness in and around your parking setups. There will be auto parking within the same section of the parking lot.