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The Northern California Italian Greyhound Club is pleased to once again host the IGCA National Specialty.

Followed by TWO NCIGC local Specialties!


To be held at the Lions Gate Hotel in Sacramento in 2013!

Starting off with LGRA & NOTRA Racing on Saturday and Sunday October 5th and 6th, then Agility on Monday the 7th, then Obedience/Rally and conformation beginning on Tuesday thru Thursday. On Tuesday join us for the Puppy Match and Hospitality Welcoming, and Health Clinics. Add to that a whole host of week long fun activities. You’ll enjoy the Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes, Top 20 and Futurity, along with the Health Clinics, Banquet, Rescue Parade, Auction and much more. Followed by an NCIGC Specialty and Sweepstakes on Friday the 11th and another NCIGC Specialty on Saturday the 12th!

THREE chances at Majors! Plus the Reserve Major!

Please JOIN us for a FABULOUS week of events!!!

Saturday October 5th through Saturday October 12th, 2013.

Please check back often for specifics as we upload link pages for each event.


Specialty week JUDGING PANEL:

IGCA Conformation:   Kent Delaney - Illinois

IGCA Sweepstakes:  Janet Beckett - Texas

Futurity:   James R. (Bob) Steele Jr. - Pennsylvania

NCIGC Sweepstakes Friday:  Susan Souza - California

NCIGC Conformation Friday:    Sally Vilas - California

NCIGC Conformation Saturday:  Tim Robbins - Texas

Obedience/Rally:   Mary Lou Just - California

Toy Specialty Agility:    Ann McQuillen - California

Puppy Match:   Jo Amsel - Northhamptonshire, England

LINKS below are arranged alphabetically for all you might need

(links will become active as we get closer)

Agility Chair: Karen Mantie - (928) 636-7844 coachwyn@cableone.net

Amenities Chair: Jodi Nelson- (530) 755-0393 karmigs1@yahoo.com

Amenities Co-Chair: Nona Molaison- (530) 809-0930 jonadasigs@gmail.com

Catalog Advertising Chair: Jeannie Love - (310) 676-0392  amoreIG@yahoo.com

Futurity Chair:  Rebecca Krell - (407) 673-6694   willowig@aol.com

Grounds Chair: Pat Daniels ((530) 410-3119 ALJ.Ranch@gmail.com

Health Clinics Chair: Audrey Sutton - (408) 867-0989 audrys5314@aol.com

Hospitality/Banquet Chair: Vikki Landes- (510) 506-4337 dfollyigs@aol.com

IGCA Show Chair: Rick Weyrich- (415) 702-5021 jrweyrich@yahoo.com

Judges Education Chair: Cece Resnick - (512) 528-9554  cresnick@austin.rr.com

NCIGC Friday Show Chair: Shawn Brown- (530) 305-1106   ALJ.Ranch@gmail.com

NCIGC Saturday Show Chair: Rick Weyrich- (415) 702-5021 jrweyrich@yahoo.com

OB/RLY Chair: Rick Weyrich- (415) 702-5021 jrweyrich@yahoo.com

Performance Chair: Vikki Landes- (510) 506-4337 dfollyigs@aol.com

Puppy Match Chair: Kim Bakker - (209) 277-2974  threecardkim@yahoo.com

Racing Chair: Vikki Landes- (510) 506-4337  dfollyigs@aol.com

Raffle NCIGC Chair: Amanda Watson- (775) 674-6721 amanda@interstatesafety.net

Rescue Chair: Barbara Birt - (707) 446-1858  bjb5557@sbcglobal.net

RV Parking Chair: Vikki Landes- (510) 506-4337 dfollyigs@aol.com

Silent Auction Chair: Virginia Gould-Perry - (559) 291-8802 igpchwood@juno.com

Top 20 Chair: Kim Brinker- (559) 294-1530 sierravue@aol.com

Trophy Chair IGCA: Justin Flosi - (818) 397-3942  justinflosi@gmail.com

Trophy Chair NCIGC Friday: Jodi Nelson ((530) 755-0393 karmigs1@yahoo.com

Trophy Co-Chair NCIGC Friday: Nona Molaison (530) 809-0930 jonadasigs@gmail.com

Trophy Chair NCIGC Saturday: Audrey Sutton (408) 867-0989 audrys5314@aol.com

Vendor Chair: Nona Molaison (530) 809-0930 jonadasigs@gmail.com

Ways & Means Chair: Tina Moulton- (707) 845-9142 iggycollars@yahoo.com