Northern California Italian Greyhound Club


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October 9th & 10th will begin the week with Racing/Coursing events. On Monday the 11th, IGCA will host a

Toy Dog Agility Specialty to kick off the week.

Then Tuesday through Thursday were:

Obedience/Rally & Conformation classes plus the Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes, Top 20, Futurity. Other fun events will be a Costume Contest, Puppy Match, Rescue Parade, Health Clinics, all held in Sacramento, CA.

On Friday NCIGC will have another Specialty and Sweepstakes.

What a fun week was had by all!


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Specialty week JUDGING PANEL:

IGCA Conformation:   Lilian Barber

IGCA Sweepstakes:  Carol Smith

Futurity:       Jeff White

NCIGC Conformation:    John Ramirez

NCIGC Sweepstakes:    Penny Inan

Obedience/Rally:    Cathy Dutra

Toy Specialty Agility:     Kera Holm

The 2010 IGCA National Specialty &

NCIGC Specialty Week in Sacramento, CA



Show Chair: Rick Weyrich- (415) 552-1226 or (415) 702-5021

Hospitality/Banquet Chair: Vikki Landes- (510) 506-4337

Ways & Means Chair: Tina Moulton- (707) 845-9142

RV Parking Chair: Vikki Landes- (510) 506-4337

Trophy Chair IGCA: Kim Brinker- (559) 294-1530

Trophy Chair NCIGC: Pat Daniels- (530) 885-0349 or (530) 637-4084

Vendor Chair: Pat Daniels- (530) 885-0349 or (530) 637-4084

Judges Education Chair: Kim Brinker- (559) 294-1530

Catalog Advertising Chair: Jeannie Love- (310) 676-0392

Amenities Chair: Jodi Nelson- (530) 755-0393

Amenities Co-Chair: Nona Molaison- (530) 809-0930

Top 20 Chair: Audrey Sutton- (408) 867-0989

Silent Auction Chair: Audrey Sutton- (408) 867-0989

Raffle NCIGC Chair: Amanda Watson- (775) 674-6721

Performance Chair: Vikki Landes- (510) 506-4337

Agility Chair: Tracy Moraca- (480) 621-8938

Racing/Coursing Chair: Leigh-Anne Kitch- (714) 264-9243

Puppy Match Chair: Kim Bakker- (209) 277-2974

Puppy Match Co-Chair: Camille Bakker- (916) 208-0393

OB/RLY Chair: Rick Weyrich- (415) 552-1226 or (415) 702-5021

Costume Contest Chair: Karen Mantie- (928) 636-7844 

Rescue Chair: Barbara Birt- (707) 446-1858

Grounds Chair: Still Available

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Contact Rick Weyrich